Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unite the Templar Orders

We should strive to consolidate and unite as many Orders as we can, declare those we deem heretics and move on. The Masonic Orders should find away to incorporate the Ladies and title them Dames of the Temple while not compromising the ritual or regularity. The SOMTH and SOTJ should be encouraged to join Freemasonry and go through the degrees, these are highly motivated people, noble in heart, and can bring fresh ideas to the table. They are obviously not in Masonic Orders because they were dissatisfied with Masonic Templary or never came into contact with it. What appeals to them? Let’s find it and utilize it.

For this to happen, many people are going to have to put down their egos and surrender some sovereignty. This would clearly be the hardest part.

If one looks at the Venerable Order of Saint John they are united and under One Grand Prior, and have the queen as their Fount of Honor or Sovereign. Do you mean to tell me that we do not have a single blueblood that is a member of the Order, and could not persuade one of their reining relatives to assume the role of Sovereign for an Order that does such Laudable deeds as we? We are already working hand in hand with the Venerable Order of Saint John with their Eye Hospital in Jerusalem. (link to source) it does not seem to be that far of a stretch of the imagination

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