Thursday, June 21, 2012

Perpetuating these customs for future generations

This goes without saying, but in order for these customs to endure they must be passed down from generation to generation, if you are in an Order, Fraternity, or Group, encourage your children to do the same. Publish you genealogical findings in a book and share your family’s accomplishments with your young children in the way of stories. Put your Coat of Arms over your fireplace and tell your kids and grandkids what it means. Build a pride in your family that nourishes it from the roots up.

The current empire will not last for long at the rate it is spending and stretching itself out, it will fall along with its aristocracy. Who will be there to pick up the pieces and replace it, will there be people of the right constitution to survive and maintain the culture? This rearranging will be advantageous to some and disastrous to others. Will you be starving in the streets like an animal or will you be ready to take up the sword and defend your family and way of life?

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