Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Taking Orders and Joining Societies

One way to legitimizes one’s claims is to join or take Holy/Chivalric/Esoteric Orders. One must take great care to insure that one is not being swindled, and this scholar has provided a list of such organizations to the right of this post.

What are Orders?

There are basically 5 types of Ordersdynasticmilitaryreligiousmerit,  and esoteric Orders are Basically Honor Societies, What is an honor society? It is a group of people whose merits, or abilities are so outstanding that to simply be in the same room with them is an honor, it is something of esteem and privilege, names like Mensa, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart come to mind. People who have done so much or are so capable that they quadrant themselves off into a society that’s says, “Let’s take the best of the best, put our abilities together and make this world a little better.”  

There is a list of hereditary societies, state military commissions and etc. on the right of this post. After the American Revolution there was a vacuumed of Orders in society and Americans filled the niche with these.

This is where Orders of Chivalry spring from, a group of people who came together and stated, “We are noble, loyal and true; now let’s form a brotherhood, abide by the code of chivalry and make this place better for all through our servitude.” Some serve through piety, some serve through leadership, and some are elected to serve, either way the idea is to give rather than take. This is why Orders are put above all other decorations, achievements, and honors that one is eligible to display either through heraldry or through one’s service uniform. To simply be included in such a group of prestige says that one has “made it” that one is truly a great person.

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