Monday, September 10, 2012

Issues with the Knights Templar Uniform

A reordering of the Uniform is long overdue. We have lost touched, and yet tenaciously held to our military history and as such now have a uniform that reflects a hodgepodge of pseudo militarism and profane fraternalism. In short our uniforms no longer look sharp. For this reason I recommend 4 uniforms authorized for wear within our Commandies. “ 4 you say the chapeau alone is killing me”  well bear with me, the idea is that a commandry has the option of which one of the 4 they wish to employ, and they are the Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs), the Working Uniform w/o bridge coat, Dress Uniform w/o Bridge coat, and lastly the dinner dress.
The Battle Dress Uniform
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The BDU’s would be for the Sir night who favors the more nostalgic part of our noble Order and its medieval history the Indiana's Levant Preceptory comes to mind.

Here are links to a cape, tunic, sword, and the site has just about anything else one would need.
The Working Uniform
Oklahoma Templars
The working uniform is basically a less extravagant version of the dress uniform with a shorter coat, Fatigue Hat in place of the chapeau, and the removal of the sword and sword belt. In addition the medals would be abbreviated to ribbons on a bar, with the addition of military awards being added and the “Military Veterans Bar Pin” being removed all together. 

The Full Dress Uniform
The full dress uniform would include the longer Frockcoat with double breasted gold Templar buttons and high collar, the ceremonial belt/ sword and chapeau would also be worn also worn. The problem with the chapeau is that is only looks good with certain kinds of clothing and sadly the short Naval Officer’s blazer that we see it with today looks like a horrible mismatch. This uniform should also be worn with full size medals.
 For this to be feasible our award and medal system needs to be brought in line with the current military specs.

non mounted medals
Our current jewels look large, gaudy, and to be quite honest some of them look cheap.  If we were to make the them same size and quality of current military medals they could be mounted for a much more professional look.
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  Also, we are an order of chivalry are we not? Why not modify the Knights Templar Baldric Jewel into a breast star to be worn below the masonic and military awards.
  The Dinner Dress Uniform
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Dinner dress uniforms are modifications of service dress blue or service dress white uniforms, with the service ribbons and breast insignia replaced by miniature medals and miniature breast insignia. Additionally, officers wear an evening shirt and black bow tie with dinner dress blue.

Boat Cloak
Dinner dress blue jacket could consist of a black waist-length jacket with gold buttons Bullion or imitation bullion rank stripes are worn on the sleeves of the officers' blue jacket and, hard shoulder boards are worn. A gold cummerbund is worn by officers. Shirt studs and cuff links are gold for officers. A hat or cap is not required with dinner dress jacket uniforms, but may be worn, but it must be worn with an outer garment, which is traditionally the boat cloak for males but in our case could be a Bridge Coat.

Tropical dinner dress blue incorporates service dress blue trousers, summer white (short sleeve) shirt, an appropriate cummerbund, and miniature medals and breast insignia.

An additional uniform, formal dress (white tie), is optional for all officers, but may be prescribed for Grand Officers and above. This uniform is worn as an equivalent to civilian white tie dress. It is almost identical to the dinner dress blue jacket, except a wing collar shirt, white waistcoat, and white tie are worn. A formal blue tailcoat may also be prescribed.
Bridge Coat
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The Optional Bridge Coat could serve as a wonderful addition to the Knights Templar Uniform, not only as an overcoat but it could also be authorized for civilian/profane use in order to help vindicate the additional cost. In this scholar’s perfect world the gold Navy Buttons would be replaced with Knights Templar Buttons, and the epaulets would be replaced with Templar Shoulder boards of the Sir-Knights rank. The sleeves could even reflect the Sir Knights former military rank with embroidery of the same color as the bridge coat for a subdued indication of past service.  

A Coast Guard Bridge Coat





  1. First of all, great article, I have always disliked the Chapeau with the current uniform. Now I would like to add my two cents on this issue. First, I disagree with the BDU idea, and instead I propose that the Summer Uniform could be broadened to a less formal work uniform, on par with the US Army's Class B and the USAF's Open Collar Blues. In addition to that, I believe that the white top cap should be deserted and a black Flight Cap style cover adopted. One more for good measure, I would like to see the metal name badge from the summer uniform worn on the right breast of the proposed Working Uniform.

  2. All in all, spot on. I for one like the idea of embracing our medieval roots. And as a veteran (25 years retired) am proud of my service and feel that I should be able to display my ribbon/mini medals as I can when I wear my dress Braemar Kilt for state dinners. Great post. Maybe it will catch on

    1. Thank you. please share it so it can catch on. this year i am Master of my lodge, then i would like to be more involved with the Order, and hopfully be instramental in making some of these changes

  3. Guess I'm swimming against the current here but I have to say that I like our current uniforms.