Monday, October 21, 2013

Why go to the Gym, Why Meditate, Why Pray?

I have asked myself, why do we do this, why do we pursue these subjects of chivalry, preparedness, spirituality, and  the esoteric, where is this madness leading you to, if not in the right direction?

Amalgamate and synthesize, that is what I do. That is what we all do; we take the experiences from our past, and our desires for the future to navigate a course of becoming the person we wish to be. So what is the course for us, and many people like us? I believe it is to become a figurative Renaissance Man, or True Lady if you prefer. The idea that not only would a man become proficient with Donovan's 4 tactical virtues of masculinity that consist of strength, courage, honor, and mastery, but will have taken in the 4 base virtues to their highest levels of understanding, and from them branch out to the other chivalric virtues provided by our culture.  

This is the idea of being able to defend the innocent with brute force by the fist, sword, and gun is the most foundational paradigm, and could easily lead into hours of digression. But the other aspect that is not as glamorous is the way of the healer or repairer.

This idea could be enhanced by an example of a group of street thugs about to savage a damsel in distress but their aims are thwarted by you, a vigilante hero, or you are driving down the interstate and happen to be the first person upon a terrible car wreck, you can pull over; effectively administer medical aid to the living, spiritual assistance or last rights to the dying, and mental therapy for bereaved witnesses. Mind, body, spirit, with the capacity for defense, that is what I aspire to be. A true knight wondering the wastes, defending the meek, and delivering the wicked.

This is done on an individual or personal level, without the blessings or requirement of a government or higher authority comprised of men. These individuals form small bands, and these bands form larger decentralized societies that are working in concert to improve this retched place. Not through politics, not through soulless bureaucracy but through one individual, or singular situation at a time. We are wandering knights and Bishops, we are waiting for those in our rank and file who are stronger, to be distinguished by destiny and earn our respect, to lead us.

My sword is waiting
The 4th turning in the cycle is upon us
And a crown is without a head 

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