Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Colonel is Dead, Long Live the King

    Another page has turned in our world's history, another dictator has fallen (this time Libya) and something new will take its place, but what if it was something old instead? What if it was a return to a healthy constitutional monarchy? The return of the house of  Senussi a religious and political order founded in Mecca in 1837 that defended the liberties of its people and land from the French and Italian invasions during its infancy, and strove to serve as a beacon of equality and democratic ideals before it was over thrown by a man who spots orders as if they were merit badges on a boy scout.

    The current heir of the order of Senussi is Crown Prince Mohammed El Senussi, a man born in Libya before the coup d'état whereby his family was put on permanent house arrest and forced to live in a shack until the 1980s. He is a man who clearly loves his country and has fought daily alongside the resistance to restore his country to its former splendor.
    The people have spoken, they have spoken with their blood and lives, they have stated that is time for a return to when they were seen as a jewel of northern Africa not some backward country ran by a narcissist.
A young Benghazian carrying King Idris' photo. Support of the royal Senussi dynasty has traditionally been strong in Cyrenaica.

    The flowing is a little video of the history of Libya before Gadhafi made the world universally face-palm. It is narrated by Crown Prince Mohammed El Senussi, and has some rare footage of Libya before the fall.

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