Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sign of the Times

These are terrifying times, as our world gets bigger, and our society becomes more complex, it is only the natural progression of things that our tragedies, our violence, fear and hatred for one another follows suit.
You must be the sane in an insane world; you must be the just for the unjust. The bureaucrats have proven time and time again that they cannot protect you, and that they cannot protect your kith or kindred, in fact we have set up a system that is doing more harm than good through its misguided application of force, or by its negligence.
Buy a gun, each and everyone you, be the arm of righteousness. Live with chivalry and be the shining example of integrity.  Be a light in the world with your spirituality. Be an alpha.
At this moment, no matter your gender, your race, or any other circumstance of your birth, you are having greatness forced upon you; the question is what will you do with it?

Defend the meek, deliver the wicked

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